June 8, 2023   |   2 minute read

As the U.S. enters the “100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers” – the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day during which 30% of deaths involving teen drivers occur – SOBRsafe (NASDAQ:SOBR), providers of next-generation transdermal alcohol detection solutions, today announced its partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to combat drunk driving.

MADD is dedicated to putting an end to impaired driving and securing a future of No More Victims. SOBRsafe is likewise creating a culture of prevention and support and has pioneered technology to make this shared vision a reality. SOBRsafe’s game-changing, wearable alcohol detection device is now available for purchase. SOBRsure is the new solution for alcohol monitoring that requires no administered or scheduled testing. The discreet, fitness-style band empowers accountability, confidence and freedom…just wear SOBRsure and live life.

“SOBRsafe has made a clear commitment to safe communities, and together I believe we can create powerful outcomes and real change,” stated MADD National President Tess Rowland. “SOBRsafe is battling the preventable crime of drunk driving, and they are fierce supporters of MADD’s mission of No More Victims. We are excited to partner with this innovative company and like-minded team.”

“We are incredibly proud to partner with MADD, and we believe they will help us achieve our primary goal – to make a social contribution by creating safe environments and roadways, thereby saving lives,” stated SOBRsafe Chairman and CEO Dave Gandini. “We expect SOBRsure to promote family involvement and facilitate the alcohol safety discussion.

“Per MADD, car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens, and 25% of car crashes with teens involve an underage drunk driver. If we could just reduce this figure, that would mean hundreds of teen driver and passenger lives saved each year. It’s time we, as parents and professionals, stepped up to eradicate underage drinking and driving. We feel this partnership between MADD and SOBRsafe is a significant and evolutionary step forward.”