Discover next-generation alcohol detection technology.
Through next-generation alcohol detection technology, we enable trust and empower recovery... with a human touch.
SOBRsafe’s advanced transdermal (touch-based) technology detects and reports in real-time the presence of alcohol as emitted through a user’s skin - no breath, blood, or urine samples are required. With a powerful backend data platform, SOBRsafe provides next generation, passive detection technology for both behavioral health providers and individual consumers.

SOBRsafe Technology: How it Works

The Science
SOBRsafe Technology: How it Works


The basic transdermal functionality has been validated by over 8o years of research – this is not new science (just an advanced approach).

As opposed to invasive testing like breath or blood, transdermal technologies detect alcohol through passive contact with the skin.

As humans process alcohol, a measurable amount gets released through our pores.

Transdermal, or touch-based, solutions can identify the presence of alcohol (“pass/fail”) for use in zero tolerance applications, as in alcohol recovery, family law or teen driver safety. 

Our Sensor
Our Sensor

The SOBRsafe Difference

Our state-of-the-art transdermal sensor is highly precise, and is “tuned” for early, low alcohol detection – beginning at approximately 20 minutes, versus 45-60 minutes for the leading mandatory ankle monitor.

We detect the presence of alcohol at least equivalent to breathalyzers, and our technology detects alcohol in the body for longer than both breath and blood.

Our proprietary software acclimates to the wearer’s environment and calibrates to their individual physiology, ensuring greater accuracy and removing human error.

Sound Technology
SOBRsafe Technology: How it Works

Proven Technology

Our sensor received an NIAAA grant award in 2017, and has received significant investment since 2019.

It has been in commercial use since the 2022 launch of SOBRcheck™ for stationary screening – that device has now reported over 100,000 alcohol-free scans.

Today, SOBRsafe is supporting more than 1 million device interactions per month.
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